Approximately 16 miles long and 2 miles wide, Dry Creek Valley is one of the smallest enclosed American Viticulture Areas. Roughly 9,300 acres of vineyards extend along the valley floor. The surrounding bench lands and hillsides, along with 58 wineries, produce a diverse selection of wines ranging from the renowned Zinfandels to Bordeaux and Mediterranean varietals. The history of grape growing and winemaking in Dry Creek Valley is among the longest in California, with its roots beginning more than 130 years ago.

Two elements in Dry Creek Valley’s climate set the region apart. While Dry Creek Valley experiences coastal cooling in the late afternoon during the summer, fog rarely enters the valley until after nightfall. As a result, the vines receive the long hours of sunshine needed to bring grapes to full maturity. Climate records also show that the average nighttime low temperature in Dry Creek Valley during the growing season is lower than that in either Alexander Valley or upper Russian River Valley. These cool evening temperatures enable the grapes to mature more slowly and also preserve the natural acidity that gives wine balance.

Wine Aficionado Bob Provencio “I tasted most the wines at the 2009 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend Event and found the Leonhardt Vineyards 2007 Dry Creek Zinfandel to be clearly the best. This wine is so smooth and delicious. I highly recommend it!”